Personal Training

“There’s never a perfect time for anything… Start now”

Personal Training

We recognise that everyone is an individual who requires a bespoke personal training program to achieve their goals. Through anumé, you can benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions, creating a unique dynamic with your personal trainer and allowing you to focus on one thing – your results.

We will conduct an initial assessment to create a regime specifically tailored for you, taking into account your fitness level, past and potential injuries, limitations, current nutritional status together with your psychological mind set. You will then be guided through an entire program of health and fitness development, which includes training inside and outside the gym, your diet and your lifestyle, complemented by our outstanding support services.

Personal training with anumé integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways. This includes options such as strength, mobility and stretching sessions, cardiovascular exercise, sports performance and an array of holistic exercise.

You can choose to purchase single sessions, packages or pay monthly (no membership fee) and, while we recommend you commit to at least two to three sessions a week, we are realistic about how day-to-day demands can impact on your schedule.

Designed to be progressive and challenging, your bespoke plan will take you through all facets of fitness development, making sure that you are not just leaner, but also stronger, more flexible, more stable and agile but above all else in a different mind-set. That frame of mind will enable you to continue focusing on your goals and surpass each in every way possible.

We guarantee our commitment and professionalism to you; we hope that you will engage with us so that results can be delivered…fast.

About Your Trainer

Mandi J Lines

Personal TrainingAs a fitness professional I cannot profess to be an ex-professional athlete nor look like a magazine pin-up, but I come equipped with the perfect balance of key insights, expertise, enthusiasm and inspiration to help you reach your goals and stay there.

I have life experience, having been through the physical rigour of two pregnancies both with C-section and the difficulty in reshaping the body post pregnancy. With two young children, I can full understand in today’s busy life timetable that less is most certainly more-so with time being so precious, realise that every session needs to achieve results and be value for money.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • GP referral for exercise
  • Certified Callanetics® Instructor
  • REPS Registered
  • Certified Boxercise Instructor
  • Spin Cycling Tutor
  • Stomp fx exercise to music instructor
  • Qualified Nutritionist
  • Trainee Hypnotherapy/NLP Pract


So why use us?

anumé pride ourselves in exceeding the customers’ expectations, and in doing so have clients that retain our services for years. We do not want to enter the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ marketplace, and in not doing so have no fear of competition. Our programs are based upon scientific research, experience and most importantly you. Working alongside other professionals at Linear Health and Fitness, if we cannot meet your needs, then we will happily recommend someone different, who will suit you in terms of personality, emotional understanding and personal training style.

Where will my PT sessions take place?

Work can be within the gym setting at Linear or at your home, place of work or outdoors. Your preference will be discussed in detail so that a bespoke plan can be formed. At anumé we pride ourselves in being informed and up-to-date with the latest health innovations. If we are unable to answer a question, we will happily research your query and if we really cannot meet your needs refer you to a recommended source.


Why Do I need a Personal Trainer?

The truth is, Personal Trainers are not suitable for everyone. However, a trainer does provide benefits that are not available to you when working on your own:

At the core of making a lifestyle change such as regular exercise, a change in diet or losing body fat, is self-motivation. Simply put, reaching your goals and making a lasting change is more likely to occur if you become actively engaged and personally invest in the idea of change. But many people display some resistance to change, even if they appear outwardly motivated, the inner mind can still resist change, and goals are never fulfilled. A personal trainer can provide structure, focus and inspiration which encourages you to make a permanent and positive lifestyle change.

anumé provides you with a safe, effective and efficient program that considers your total health needs from particular health conditions, injuries or training targets (running a marathon, for example) all enabling you to reach your health & fitness goals.

anumé enables results to be maximised in minimum time. If you have been going to exercise classes and the gym for any length of time and still have not achieved your desired goals (providing these are realistic) then it is time to make a change. Personal Training will revamp your workout, save you time, and refocus your goals.