BioCare Nutritional Supplements

In an ideal world where everyone has a perfectly nutritious and balanced healthy diet we could say that all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs would be able to come from the food we eat. However, in reality many of our diets fall far short of being a) healthy and balanced and b) lack a degree of vitamins and minerals. Anumé promote and sell BioCare products. BioCare is a UK based company founded ‘by practitioners, for practitioners’ and the range of products has been recommended by professionals for over 25 years. Demanding the highest quality in everything they do, the BioCare team sources the best raw ingredients, avoid artificial colourings, sweeteners and flavourings, and strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service. BioCare have a diverse range of supplements. Our recommendations will depend upon your individual needs and requirements upon analysing your nutritional intake.

Eat Right

Nutritional Advice

Our eating habits vary due to time restraints placed on us in our busy daily lives, finances available and also our personal likes and dislikes. We have become a nation of ‘processed food eaters’ which in turn sadly means that we are in fact a nation that is getting larger in size each generation. We offer nutritional advice alongside our personal training packages. As with all our work any information given is based upon scientific research papers, clinical journals and proven scientific studies.

All our nutrition plans emphasize lifestyle change and are not diets. It has been proven that reducing the food you eat lowers your blood sugar. When this occurs your body systems need to mobilise and create sugar to equalize blood levels. Protein from your gut and muscles is broken down to make sugar, this can cause intestinal and digestive disturbances. Furthermore, the less muscle you have the less fuel can be burnt, meaning that weight loss cannot be achieved. This deprivation of food makes it highly likely that you will yo-yo and regain any weight lost. The stress hormones that cause the increase in blood sugar also signal the body to hold onto fat as it enters into emergency starvation mode.


Once on a plan you will receive an amazing support package of either twice weekly phone consultations or once a week in person. Your nutritional plan will alter fortnightly, as your body adjusts. Therefore, whether you wish to loose weight, gain muscle, work sports specific or simply be put on the right track to ‘eating right’ then anumé can still assist you with your request.