What do you have to lose?
Just inches!!!

How Does Arasys Work?

Arasys uses a combination of a thousand waveforms that ‘mimic’ brain waves and convince the muscle tissue that it’s performing a muscle toning workout, despite the fact that it’s really at rest. In physical exercise the muscles start to burn fat but as the body is pushed harder it finds it more difficult to provide the oxygen required to burn fat. The result is that the muscles start to burn more glucose for energy and less fat. This is where an Arasys ‘workout’ differs from regular exercise. As this type of exertion doesn’t occur when using Arasys, the body has all the oxygen it needs to continue burning fat.

Skin Regeneration and Credentials

Arasys is an FDA approved, inch loss program that utilises the waveform technology found in a pacemaker to transmit a smooth pulse to the body’s muscles.

Arasys was designed and developed around the work of Gerry Pollock, co-creator of the pacemaker. Pollock won a Nobel Prize for the discovery that the cell membrane contains a particular amount of electricity. Based on that finding, Arasys can offer the exact amount of electrical impulse required for skin generation to take place, with the capability of adjustment to meet the needs of different skin types and thicknesses. Arasys was developed in England in 1992 and got the FDA seal of approval in the US in 2001, rated as being the safest method for skin rejuvenation and inch loss available.

Arasys Sessions

One session lasting 25 minutes is said to be the equivalent to approximately 300 sit-ups or 400 buttock raises and will work 2-3 body parts with a loss of several inches. However, a typical session can do far more than reduce the inches. At the same time as removing inches off the waistline it can increase metabolism and skin elasticity. Oxygenation, circulation and physical stamina can also be improved and the treatment is known to ease muscle pain and atrophy.


Moist sponges are applied to the weight loss area and the waveforms are delivered safely and precisely by a certified trained professional. Subtle vibrations are felt and results are noticeable almost immediately. Arasys is a non-invasive, proven safe treatment for inch loss and skin regeneration, with no known side effects or risks.

Arasys in the Press

I have always been cynical about weight loss treatments that claim to tone you up and give you inch-loss…

As far as the Arasys inch-loss system goes, I’m a convert!” “I lost two and a half inches from my waist, six from my hips and bottom and two inches from each thigh… I felt more toned too, as if I’d been following an exercise program.

Eve CameronCosmopolitan

“An amazing machine that does sit-ups for you… see the inches dissolve”

“Does it work? Yes!”

Ed BarrattArena Magazine

The Arasys 3 Inch Loss System offers the perfect toning alternative. While you relax watching TV and let the machine do the work for you, all within twelve 20 minute sessions. It took only 2 weeks to go from a size 14 to 12, the equivalent to three months in the gym.

Elle Magazine

Arasys offers the perfect toning alternative. While you relax on the beauty couch, carefully placed pads work slack muscles to astounding effect, and all in only ten, 20 minute sessions.

After only four sessions, the bottom became higher, the thighs tighter and the waistband looser.

With Arasys it took two weeks to achieve results which, in a gym, would have taken two months.

Harpers & Queen