About Us

In real terms anumé can be defined as a new me

anumé as a business is in its infancy, however within its walls its professionals have over fifty years of combined experience in the industry, Mandi Lines has gained a reputation for excellence as a personal trainer and holistic exercise specialist with industry insiders and loyal clientele throughout the counties of Sussex & Surrey. Her bespoke, holistic approach, which restores the body’s natural balance & refocuses the mind, means that she is in constant demand for her personal training & wellbeing expertise.

Why a holistic approach?

“Holistic” comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘whole’. Rather than just addressing an immediate symptom, a holistic personal trainer will look for the underlying cause by considering current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and wellbeing. They will then work to restore the body’s natural balance, leading to a more sustained and rewarding quality of life.

Body – Mind – Spirit – Fitness