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Nothing is impossible… the word itself says I’m possible

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With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Mandi has gained a reputation for excellence as a personal trainer and holistic exercise specialist with industry insiders and loyal clientele throughout the counties of Sussex & Surrey. Her bespoke, holistic approach, which restores the body’s natural balance & refocuses the mind, means that Mandi is in constant demand for her personal training & well-being expertise.

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anumés programs enable the client to facilitate a lasting change in all respects; physically, psychologically & emotionally from the inside out.

Arasys Inch Loss Treatments are personalised & prescriptive, incorporating state of the art-technology designed by Gerry Pollock the co-eventer of the heart pacemaker to treat areas that need re-balance & to address inch loss, by way of tightening & toning.

Hypnotherapy & NLP refocuses the mind.

PT & Nutrition programs are tailored to each individual & adapted accordingly to effect both short & long term change.